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Products and services

Our solutions are built to adapt

to your requirements, and scale

as your business grows.

All our solutions feature a modern and intuitive design, ease of use, and premium support.

Flexibility and scaling help us adapt to all sizes of business requirements. From small companies that are looking for affordable solutions without large initial costs to telecommunication operators whose solutions are used by thousands of users.

PBX and UC solutions

We build advanced PBX, UC and fax solutions, call center and hotel systems with billing. These solutions provide significant cost savings and simplify business communication.

Video communication

Conferencing, video calls and TV trivia games combine business and multimedial services with video technology, and deliver a new dimension to business communication.

Hotspot solutions

Hotspot servers control and charge Internet access. The built in information portal gives your customers information about your products and advertises new services.

Colaboration solutions

E-mail and fax solutions, collaboration systems and document management systems streamline business control and reduce cost and time for search and storage of business documents. Connectivity to 3rd party business applications allow you to further optimise your business infrastructure.

Advanced reporting modules of all our business solutions simplifiy supervision and help optimise business processes.

The installation of each solution includes training and support for easy deployment. Customisation of all solutions to your requirements provides transparent integration without complex adjustments.

Business and mobile applications, games, and other IT and telecommunications solutions are all tailored to your requirements and guidelines.

Our experience and a network of partners enables us to integrate all kinds of business solutions.

Additional services:

  • Business and IT solutions consulting
  • Optimizing telecommunication services
  • Building mobile applications
  • Building and hosting web applications
  • Building and hosting web shops
  • Building and hosting of business websites