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Hotspot billing and Internet access control

solution with information and advertising portal.

Companies and institutions are increasingly sharing their wireless infrastructure to provide customers and with Internet access.

Link hotspot solution is designed for control and billing of Internet access. It also provides a powerful advertising and information platform, displaying news or product information.

Hotspot features:

  • Time based billing
  • Data consumption based billing
  • Speed and priority configuration
  • Voucher printing
  • Wired and wireless access
  • Connectivity to 3rd party applications

Internet access control

Link solution controls several parameters of Internet access. Premium and free Internet access speed, amount of traffic and time. It's possible to set priority for different protocols and accessed websites.


Support for different service packages with different Internet access parameters. Separate simple voucher printing interface for receptionists. Vouchers can also be printed from an 3rd party business solution or a web form.

Information and adverising

Hotspot start page is used for login information, as an information portal for a variety of additional services and advertising medium for additional incomes. Information portal can be integrated, for example, with hotel billing solution.

Open platform

Link solution is based on an open platform and supports integration with 3rd party billing, ERP and CRM solutions. Integration and customisation depends on the your requirements.

Information portal:

  • Company information
  • Products and services
  • Advertisement
  • News
  • User portal

Link offers the possibility to present additional information or advertising to your customers. In addition, you can view statistics and customer interests and thus further improve your products or services. Customers can leave feedback and comments about your products and services and share them on social networks.

By connecting the Link server to your business applications, customers can get their account information, or your company mobile application links for their mobile devices.

Link reporting module offers an overview of the system health, financial statistics and customer feedback. Reports can offer insight into customer habits and thus provide more information about customer satisfaction.

Link system can be used in a many business applications. Some of the applications are Internet access in hotels, transport industries such as airports, bus and train stations, open public networks, conference and presentation halls ...


  • Hotels and apartments
  • Bus and train stations
  • Retail stores and shopping malls
  • Marinas
  • Open public networks
  • Conference and presentation halls


Guest satisfaction depends on all services and events a hotel has to offer. Wireless Internet connection has become one of the most important additional service in most hotels and apartment resorts. Link solutions utilise wired and wireless infrastructure for Internet access and provide guests with information about various services and events in their vicinity. Fast and correct information takes some load of hotel personnel and increases customer satisfaction.

Link solution also supports the use of wireless infrastructure for conferences, presentations and other business or public events.

Wireless infrastructure can be used for internal hotel services like surveillance, wireless terminals connection for bars and restaurants, mobile or wireless phones for staff communication etc.

Integration with the hotel billing or ERP solution can be used for automatic voucher printing or provide guests with information about used services and prices or even for automatic checkout and payment interface.

Link solution meets the regulatory obligations on user authentication required for Internet access providers.

Open public network

Open public networks for Internet access have become a new way of providing information about local events, infrastructure and regulations to citizens and visitors. Public networks are also an ideal medium for promoting local tourism and hospitality facilities. Visitors can easily find more information about local hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, local attractions, petrol stations and other local services.

Wireless infrastructure can be used for surveillance, communication between public institusions, traffic information and other services.

Main bus station

Public transportation is a dynamic system that distributes a lot of information to the passengers. Fast delivery of important ​​information like additional bus lines, changes in the bus schedules and additional services are almost mandatory to passengers and can significantly improve their satisfaction.

Wireless infrastructure can be used for information distribution, booking and buying tickets, surveillance, communication and others.

Sales and logistics

Wireless network is a core element of logistics and retail sectors. Link solution supports all the advanced features like quality of service and monitoring of wireless terminals, bar code scanners, mobile devices, printers and other network equipment.

Link solution can additionally be used for communication between employees, survailance, links between buildings...

Main features

Internet access networks

Wired network infrastructure
Wireless network infrastructure

Implementation specification

User authentication
Information portal
Integration with 3rd party solutions
Regulatory compliance


Main features

Load ballancing
Protocol prioritisation
Protocol and web location control
Wired and wireless network control
Device connectivity from remote locations (hosted solution)


Technical specifications

Energy consumption
Form factor

Depending on implementation
Tower or 19″ rack

Brochures and information

Link brochure