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Enterprise Fax - FoIP

Send and receive faxes from your PC, smartphone

and tablet.

IP fax solution supports sending, receiving, and storing fax messages on your computer and mobile devices. This solution simplifies fax manipulation and reduces faxing costs by eliminating the need for one or more fax machines and printing expenses.

Access your fax solution from:

  • your PC at work or from home
  • your smartphone or tablet
  • your e-mail account or web browser

Anytime or anywhere

Faxes can be sent received even when you're not in the office, and integration with e-mail allows you to send and receive a fax from any location that has a fixed or mobile access to the Internet.


Faxes are stored like e-mails so you can easily browse and search through faxes by time, date or sender's and recipient's number.


IP fax solution can be connected to all telecommunication technologies, from analog and ISDN PRI or to IP lines. Support for T.38 protocol ensures compatibility with the new industry standard.

Open platform

Our solution supports connectivity with 3rd party applications and systems like ERP systems, document management systems or billing systems that are design for customer and service provisioning.

Save time and money:

  • lower consumption of paper and toners
  • no need for dedicated fax machines
  • quick search
  • one fax sistem for multiple branches
  • less storage for fax dociments

Savings in IP fax solutions are a result of less paper and toner consumption, saving in the purchasing and maintenance of fax machines and increasing productivity due to faster and easier faxing.

Customizing fax solutions to your requirements means easier use and faster adoption of the solution.

Security settings allow you to control the cost faxing, by employee or fax number.

One fax system can serve multiple remote branch offices that can exchange faxes without telecommunication and paper expenses. Together with the previously noted savings in material and maintenance of fax machines this solution saves the environment and your money.

Support for multiple telecommunication operators offers new opportunities for savings and increase the availability. Premium support includes maintenance and productivity services that optimize productivity and keep your solution up to date with new features.

Dedicated fax solution

Dedicated fax server gives you complete control over your complete fax communication. It is possible to connect the fax solution to other business solutions.

IP Fax Server allows you to send and receive faxes over e-mail, web browser or your ERP or document management system.

Hosted fax solution

More and more companies offer hosted business solutions. Such solutions offer lower initial investment, and no maintenance fees.

Hosted systems are in most cases available from any location and can be integrated with other telecommunications services.


Co lines (telco)

Analog FXO
Digital ISDN BRI
Digital PRI

Number of users

IP FAX Enterprise
IP FAX Service Provider

Depending on user requirements (scalable solution)

Main features

Analog fax protocols
T.38 support
Storage of faxes
sending over e-mail – Mail2Fax
receiving over e-mail – Fax2Mail
sending from web browser – Web2Fax
reading from web browse – Fax2Web


Technical specifications

Energy consumption
Form factor

50W or more
Tower or 19″ rack