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Callia Centrex

Main features of Callia Centrex solutions are

modular design, security and premium support.

Callia Centrex is based on Callia UC architecture and is commonly used to provide hosted multi tenant PBX and unified communication services.

Advanced features and modularity allow you to use the Callia Centrex solution as a Centrex platform or an advanced PBX with unified communications features.

Advanced features:

  • Fixed, mobile and VoIP telephony
  • Module based features
  • Advanced user administration
  • connectivity to 3rd party applications
  • Call billing
  • Subsription plans

Advanced hosted multitenant PBX solution

The Callia Centrex solution can be used as an advanced hosted PBX with standard phone features such as call forwarding, auto attendants, ring or hunt groups, or for a combination of fixed, mobile and VoIP telephony to reduce costs.

Fixed, mobile and IP telephony

The combination of fixed, mobile and VoIP telephony enables great savings and a rapid return of investment. Callia Centrex solution can be connected to the existing telephone system and reduce telecommunication costs and add new features to an existing PBX.

Advanced features for business communication

Along with standard PBX features, Callia Centrex solution supports advanced features like conference calls, call recording and billing, integrated phone book with speed dial, integration of fax messages and call center functions.

Open platform designed for integration

The Callia Centrex solutions are based on an open platform and support standard SIP devices such as fixed and DECT phones, PC and mobile applications and many types of VoIP gateways. Open platform allows connections with business systems to allow call control, CRM integration and others.

Scalable solution:

  • Support for all telecommunication interfaces
  • Tandem and cluster support
  • Active and passive redundancy
  • Hosted (Centrex) solution
  • One solution for central and remote locations

Callia Centrex solutions support all types of telecommunication technologies, from analog, IP, ISDN, PRI and mobile telephone lines.

By using standard SIP protocol your Callia Centrex solution is always compatible with a wide range of telecommunication equipment, and is not locked down to just one manufacturer.

Callia Centrex solutions support load balancing and failover functions for high availability systems, communication with remote locations and failover trunking. This approach allows you to connect remote sites into a single system that supports free calling between remote locations and field employees.

Regardless of whether you need a solution for a small or medium-sized company or a hosted solution for a telecommunications operator, Callia Centrex can be customized to meet your requirements.

The user portal is a self service interface for administration of call features and phonebook and dialplan changes.

Support for multiple telecommunications operators offers better connectivity and savings, and increases availability. Premium support and upgrades guarantee a secure investment.

Main features:

  • User portal
  • Conferencing
  • Video telephony
  • IVR
  • Time conditions
  • Ring groups
  • Phonebook

Multiple sites advanced PBX

Callia Centrex advanced PBX features offer functions needed to reduce call costs. Welcome messages and music on hold sounds can be adjusted and changed. Advanced supported features include conference calls, call recording, fax to e-mail, calling over your computer ... Callia solutions support remote office locations and virtually erase the cost of calling between office branches.

Our solution uses standard SIP communication protocol that allows you to use a wide range of telecommunications equipment from well known manufacturers and protects the long-term investment. Support for IP and analog phones reduces system cost and simplifies the transition to the new system.

Hosted Centrex (Multi-tenant) PBX solution for telecommunication operators

Callia Centrex performs all the functions of a modern hosted telecommunications system. With billing and number portability features it's an ideal solution for telecom operators that need a scalable solution to deliver a stable and high quality service. Easy integration with 3rd party billing and provisioning systems and compliance with regulatory requirements are just additional benefits for fast and easy integration into existing solutions.


Co lines (telco)

Phones and devices

Analog FXO
Digital ISDN BRI
Digital PRI
GSM mobile networks

IP SIP phones
Analog phones
IP GSM modules
IP conference phones
IP intercoms

Number of users and devices

Callia Centrex

depending on client requirements (scalable solution)

Main features

Conference calls
Auto attendant
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Call recording
Call forwarding
Voicemail to e-mail integration
Fax integration
Calling trough a PC application
Ring (hunt) groups
Call park and call pickup
Mobile extensions
Time conditions
Call waiting
Phone and user administration
Personal and global phonebook
Short numbers
CallerID selection
Day and night mode


Additional features

Connectivity to 3rd party solutions
Support for remote offices
Integration of fixed, mobile and IP lines
Call center module
Hotel module
Billing module


Technical specifications

Energy consumption
Form factor

200W or more
Tower or 19″ rack