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Call center

Call center solution allows call monitoring and

control, statistics and cost control.

Call center solution has been developed for advanced control and processing of incoming and outgoing calls. It's often used for telemarketing, customer support and phone surveys.

The solution supports adding lists of telephone numbers, different call scheduling strategies, announcements, music on hold, all depending on the time of the call or the condition of the user. All the customer information are taken by agents, and can later be reviewed for business decisions and improvements.

Call center solution supports hosted platform features and allows you to connect remote and mobile agents.

Advanced features:

  • Management of incoming calls
  • Management of outgoing calls
  • Smart dialer
  • Call recording
  • Calling lists
  • Integration of fixed and mobile lines
  • Advanced statistics and reporting
  • Remote agents
  • Campaigns
  • Cost control
  • Agent education and preparation

Advanced business PBX solution

The Call Center solution can be used as an advanced PBX with standard features such as call forwarding, conferencing, group calling, or for a combination of fixed, mobile and VoIP telephony to reduce costs and provide advanced call manipulation.

Fixed, mobile and IP telephony

The combination of fixed, mobile and VoIP telephony enables great savings and rapid return of investment. Call Center solution can be connected to the existing telephone system and reduce telecommunication costs and add new features to an existing PBX.

Advanced features for business communication

Along with standard PBX features, call center solutions support advanced features like advanced call statistics, learning module, autodial by lists, campaigns, surveys with statistics, connections to 3rd party solutions... Custom features can be added on demand.

Open platform designed for integration

The Call center solution is based on an open platform and supports standard SIP devices such as fixed and DECT phones, PC and mobile applications. Open platform allows connections with business systems to automate call control, CRM integration and others.

Additional features:

  • Premium support
  • Customisation
  • Hosted call center solution
  • Teleworkers
  • Support for remote locations

Premium support includes maintenance and productivity services that optimize productivity and keep your solution up to date with new features.

Hosted Call center solution reduces initial costs and simplifies administration and maintenance of the system.

Support for multiple trunks and telecom operators offers new opportunities for savings and increases the availability of the solution. Active development secures following of telecommunication trends and guarantees a secure investment in your business.

Customization provides better efficiency and utilisation of the solution. Depending on user requirements, you can add, delete or modify special functions and system parameters.


The solution can use telephone lists and distributes it to agents. The calling module allocates the numbers to agents depending on the campaign parameters and agent call history.

Agent monitoring provides insight into call statistics and allows you to change the campaign parameters accordingly. It's possible to examine the reports at the end of the campaign, and utilize this data for better optimization of the next campaign.

Phone surveys

Every survey is customisable and consists of questions, possible answers and custom fields. The system walks agents through the survey process and fills the survey reports that can be later used for further processing.

Phone support

The Call center solution supports custom greetings, IVRs and music on hold, which can vary depending on various parameters. Agents fill caller requests and store them for further analysis. Caller information is displayed to agents and informs them about caller history.


Co lines (telco)

Phones and devices

Analog FXO
Digital ISDN BRI
Digital PRI
GSM mobile networks

IP SIP phones
Analog phones
IP GSM modules
IP Conference phones
IP intercoms

Number of agents and devices

Call center

up to 200 agents

Main call features

Auto attendant
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Call recording
Call forwarding
Smart caller
Calling trough PC phonebooks
Ring groups
Call park and call pickup
Mobile extensions
Time conditions
Call waiting
Phone administration
Smart dialer
Personal and global phonebook
Advanced dialplan
Day and night mode
Advanced reporting
Teleworking support


Additional features

Connectivity to 3rd party solutions
Support for remote offices
Integration of fixed, mobile and IP lines


Technical specifications

Energy consumption
Form factor

50W or more
Tower or 19″ rack